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By Catherine Hanssens, Executive Director, CHLP

Now that antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea has made its way to North America, and treatment advocacy organizations are positing the question of whether microbicides can replace condoms for preventing HIV transmission, we thought it time to offer a brief primer on gonorrhea, courtesy of the CDC. 

By Catherine Hanssens, Executive Director, CHLP

Not long before he died, Spencer Cox reflected on what he learned from his decades as an AIDS treatment activist. "You make your life as meaningful as you can make it. You live it and don't be afraid of who's going to like you…You worry about things like being kind...if it's not about that, what the hell is it about?"

By Catherine Hanssens
Executive Director, CHLP

HIVMA has joined the growing group of medical and public health organizations that have taken a public stand against the health and human rights disaster of HIV criminalization.  Will federal public health officials catch up?


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